» Forced ass licking of hot domme

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September 19th, 2011

Forced ass licking of hot domme

There are a lot of things that piss off Maitresse Madeline, but the biggest thing is when one of her male slaves gets a bug up her ass and calls her a bitch. Her punishments and humiliations in her femdom porn videos may be harsh and cruel, but you never talk back, which is what Rico did. He pays the price with male slave humiliation and CBT here, being stripped naked and beaten and smacked all over his body and face before she whips out ye olde cattle prod. Shocking his body hurts enough, but hear him howl when she puts it to his balls, or when he's getting fucked deep in his asshole!

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» Femdom strapon sex

Category: Fem Dom Pics, Male Spanking

June 9th, 2011

Femdom strapon sex

Daniel is a huge sissy bitch, but not the kind of sissy that Penny Flame wants him to be. She wants him to take his beating and male slave humiliation like a man, whether he wants to or not! She gets him on the coffee table spread out for her, showing off the ass that she can't wait to pulverize with her strapon dildo in this femdom porn. She loosens him up a bit with her flogger, smacking it against his bare flesh before bending him back over to insert her large purple dildo inside of him. He was such a good little bitch that she rewarded him and herself by riding his stiff cock in bed!

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» Cock ball torture pictures

Category: Fem Dom Pics, Cock Bondage

April 9th, 2011

Cock ball torture pictures

This femdom porn should come with a guarantee that you're going to cringe when you see the CBT that this male slave endures. You might see Satine Phoenix licking and sucking this male slave's cock, but look closer. She has it wound through a metal ring when it's soft, so if she gets him hard, it's going to bend it horribly! What a bitch! The male slave humiliation doesn't stop there in this femdom porn, as she takes out her favorite candle and decorates his dick and balls, all while inserting big metal rods in his urethra. Nothing was made to go in there, especially not long metal spikes!

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» Under dommes boots

Category: Fem Dom Pics, Male Spanking

March 23th, 2011

Under dommes boots

With Randy all tied up in bed and waiting for his punishment to be dished out, Mistresses Jasmine and Amanda look over his body to see what kind of torture needs to be performed on him. This femdom porn has it all, from the beginnings when they're just teasing him, to all out male slave humiliation, where they're slapping a huge flogger against his body to turn him beat red, making him suck on a strapon dildo, and then opening up his freshly-beaten ass to fit another rubber cock deep inside of him from behind, fucking him rubber balls deep. They won't stop until they're both satisfied with him!

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» Male slave torturing

Category: Fem Dom Videos, Male Chastity, Forced Rimming, Male Spanking

February 18th, 2011

Miss Dia slaps a chastity belt on her pathetic male slave Dean Strong and he can barely keep any of the plugs in without them popping out. Miss Dia cleans him out with enemas, plugs his ass up, paddles it hard, hangs weights from the butt plug and it just keeps slipping out. She gets fed up and and does a reverse pile driver on his ass. Plugging him up with a strap on that has a buttplug on one side and a dildo for her to fuck on the other. Every pump of her pussy on the dildo pushes the plug deeper in his greedy little fuck hole. Cheers Dean Hope you got everything you asked for.

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» New femdom porn video

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January 28th, 2011

New femdom porn video

Mistress Harmony was sick of looking at her slave boy Rusty's face in this Femdom porn video, so the first thing she did after tying him up was to attach clothespins to his face to deform him. Of course that's never enough punishment, so after she rips off his pants and most of his shirt, she beats him with her favorite cane. As if a huge dildo in his ass wasn't enough male slave humiliation, she makes him crawl around like a baby, and has him eat her ass and pussy! His cock isn't immune from CBT either, as she clamps it and beats it before using it like her personal dildo to get herself off!

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» Male humiliation video

Category: Fem Dom Videos, Male Spanking

December 19th, 2010

Male humiliation video

As if it was bad enough to have one abusive mistress to make you suffer, Carlos here is being tag teamed in this Femdom porn, and not in a good way! Diane and Jamie are known for their sexy outfits, and their ability to turn a man into a sissy just by slapping his face. The male slave humiliation is all about making him feel worthless, and when these bitches are slapping him on the face and taking him to the ground to slap him some more, he's being successfully emasculated. All he can do is look up at them and beg them to stop while they stand above him and laugh at his misfortune.

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» Hubby gets humiliated by dominating wife

Category: Fem Dom Pics, Male Chastity, Forced Rimming, Cock Bondage

November 21th, 2010

Hubby gets humiliated by dominating wife

Now that they've said I do, there's not much else that's going to come out of his mouth, unless his new mistress for life allows him to say a word! Aiden Starr has plans for getting laid on her wedding night, but it's not her husband Daniel she'll be fucking in this Femdom porn. It's time to get him used to the cuckold sessions that he'll be experiencing for the rest of his life in this male slave humiliation action, as he experiences CBT while bending over and having his wife drill his virgin asshole for the first time with her new strapon dildo while kissing her boyfriend!

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